My first visit to Pink Beach (Spiaggia Rosa), Sardinia Italy.

This was my first visit to Pink Beach which translates 'Spiaggia Rosa' in Italian, it is located in the La Maddalena region on an island name Budelli. This is just on of the amazing beaches on the island of Sardinia, Italy, i took a local sailboat tour from the town of Palau. We were told that by the tour guide that Pink Beach was a very famous beach years ago with thousands of visitors visiting it, but today it is prohibited to beach goers, because the tourist would collect the beautiful pink sand and take it home as a souvenir and as a result slowly taking away the natural beauty of the beach. Now it is protected by the government and is considered a national park of Sardinia.

#pinksandbeach #beach #paradise #sardinia #budelli #lamaddalena #island

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